Motivational Post 4: Signs of a Healthy Relationship


They say girls dream of a knight in shining armor (or prince) who will come to take them away from their troubles. Well, I dreamt of a vampire. And my vampire would rescue me by making me one of his sired youngs, and I’d no longer be a part of my own biological family. I’d be free!

However, reality check! No knight, prince, nor vampire is coming, but a relationship is possible for all of us. And I’m referring to a long-term, romantic relationship, not a platonic friendship. 

Backtrack to most girls’ dreams–this knight/prince/vampire should be charming, handsome, amiable, and everything good. And with him the relationship is forever happy. This “happy” refers to having a healthy relationship. 

Yet how do we know when we’ve landed a good partner and are in a healthy relationship?

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5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship:

  1. You trust one another
    • Trust is very important in a relationship because both partners feel safe and accepted, and they can be themselves. That means they can be silly, goofy, vulnerable, and everything in between to one another, without feeling sabotaged or belittled. If a partner has to walk on egg shells, and watch what they say or do around their partner, there is very little trust, and very little space to be fully one’s self. 
  2. You support each other in your dreams, goals, and endeavors 
    • No matter how old you are, it’s important to keep dreaming. Dreaming of a better future–and a better you–keeps you motivated, gives you a sense of purpose, and inspires you to keep thriving and improving.
    • As a couple, it’s also vital to have individual goals, as well as a team. Growing together keeps you together, as you both tackle the rollercoaster of a committed relationship. And supporting your partner’s goals and dreams gives you a sense of pride, fulfillment, admiration; helps you to remain humble; and shows your partner how much you love them.
  3. You communicate 
    • Communication is key in any relationship. It’s the simplest way to connect with one another. Communication also strengthens trust, respect, and your active listening skills, to name a few. This can include sharing your thoughts on a topic, discussing any trips or plans, or expressing how you feel during hardships or difficulties. 
  4. You have healthy arguments
    • Not all arguments are bad. An argument is just both parties disagreeing on a certain topic. (And that’s perfectly fine because with two people there are two view points!) Examples could be: who has to do the dishes, who’s family to spend the day of a holiday with, while the other family gets another date. In order for an argument to be healthy, however, there must be mutual respect without shouting, belittling or name-calling; active listening where each person gets to express their viewpoint without the other person taking offense or interrupting; and an agreed-upon resolution, to name a few.
  5. You put 100/100 into the relationship 
    • Every elderly couple will tell you that a long lasting relationship–like theirs–is 100/100, not 50/50. This means you give 100% in caring, loving, and supporting your partner, and they give 100% to you. This is because a “relationship” is two people becoming one, not two “roommates” living separate lives under the same roof.


Upon closer look at this list, yes, relationships are hard. There’s no knight, prince, nor vampire; Just another normal person like you and me. But with this person, we can develop a long, lasting, healthy relationship by being intentional about our roles, responsibilities, and showing up the best that we can.

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