Novel Writing Kit

The tool that gives you the necessary skills to start writing your novel

Novel Writing Kit

Every great novel ever written did not become a bestseller by chance or mistake. If you want to learn the secrets, and start writing that novel yourself, then my Novel Writing Kit is for you.

The purpose of this writing kit is to help you prepare, start, and finish your novel. It’s called a “kit” because it is the only tool you need to develop the necessary skills to write a novel from beginning to end. And those skills begin BEFORE the writing process, and that’s what this kit will teach you.


This kit comes with 4 lessons, examples, and plenty of space to practice. Once you have completed each lesson, apply your learning towards your manuscript.

It’s really that simple!

This Novel Writing Kit is COMPLETELY DIGITAL. No need for a physical product that is to be carried everywhere. You can easily access it from your laptop, phone, iPad, etc.

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I was a teacher for almost a decade, and in that time frame I taught many students how to write their own stories from start to finish, using the steps I teach you in this course. Don’t worry, you won’t be learning at their level, but you will be learning the EXACT STEPS needed to start writing your novel.

In other words, if I can teach children to stay resilient and to not give up on their writing, I can teach you to do the same too. And that’s why I created this Novel Writing Kit and its complementary courses. They’re quick, simple, and straight to the point. If you follow the steps, do the exercises, and pair the two, you’ll be more than prepared to write your novel come NaNoWriMo or any time of the year.

What are you waiting for? Get your Novel Writing Kit today and start writing your novel!