Motivational Post 3: Using the 5 Second Rule to Become A Better You 

Motivational speaker Mel Robbins discovered the 5 Second Rule when her life came crashing down. She went from being a television producer to broke. And this sudden shift left her depressed and unable to support her family and herself.

Fast-forward a few years and Mel is not only back on TV, but she travels the world, speaking to millions of people, inspiring them to make life changes like she did. Mel uses her pain and suffering, and the gain from it all, to help you and me overcome our own challenges.

So what is the 5 Second Rule? It’s a technique that changes your brain and resets it. It kickstarts the need to act on whatever it is you need to tackle. For instance, say you have to do the dishes, and the sink is piled high. Your mind automatically feels overwhelmed, and it may even tell you to leave the mess for tomorrow. But you know doing the dishes, or the washing up, is a priority. So you simply count backwards from 5.


The gears in your head will shift, and you’ll find yourself tackling those dirty dishes. 

The 5 Second Rule is very simple and can be used any time you need to get something done. Need to talk to your boss about a work issue? 5-4-3-2-1. Need to enter that interview room and its panel? Count backwards. Need to approach that screaming baby, and it’s 2:00am and you’re tired? Start counting.

Instead of relying on fate or some other outside source to get your goals met, start taking action. And this action is as simple as counting backwards.

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