Motivational Post 2: How To Be Productive

Productivity is the ability to create something of high quality at an efficient rate. This means getting more done in a timely manner. However, many of us “think” we’re productive, but there is no end result to show for it. This is just called “busy work.” By being productive, the number of resources we’re creating is higher than the time and energy we put in. 

So how you actually get more done?


  1. Take notes
    • Writing things down is the best way to remember them, from class notes to a grocery list. Do not rely on memory to recall information. Note-taking also allows you to focus and be more attentive; it improves your organizational skills; enhanced your memory (however, you’re not relying on just memorization here); allows you to question and comprehend better, and so forth. So if you find yourself facing important information, such as overhearing a great conversation that could be used in your next novel, jot it down–either in your phone or in a notebook. 
  2. Work during your peak hours
    • Your peak hours are the hours in which you’re more awake and energized. These are the times when you’re capable of getting more work done. For some folks it’s early morning, for others mid-morning to early afternoon, others the evening. (For me, it’s about 8:00 am to noon). Whenever this may be for you, take advantage of the time and get your project either started or completed. You’re feel great afterwards. 
  3. Prep the night before
    • Preparing the night before saves you time in the morning and alleviates any running around, last-minute. This could be something as simple as prepping your lunch for the next day, putting all your school material in your backpack the night before, or picking out your outfit for tomorrow. Whatever you can do today, to save you time tomorrow, do it!
  4. Leverage your strengths 
    • Do you know what your strengths are? There are many benefits to knowing your strong suits and putting them to use. For one, you’ll feel more energized and happy; two, you’ll be more engaged and focused; three, you’ll feel more accomplished, to name a few. For instance, if you’re working on a group presentation, and you enjoy making slideshows, volunteer to incorporate all the group findings to create the presentation.
  5. Be a team player 
    • By being a team player you’re relying on others and yourself to get more done and make progress. This way you’re not doing it alone, from dawn until dusk, finding yourself tired and/or frustrated, with or without an end result. Say you’re planning a work party. Make a list of materials needed, possible food items, who to invite, what the end result should look like, etc. (Number 1 on this list) and delegate these things. Know who is gathering/providing plates and cutlery, who’s sending out invitations, who’s making the potluck sign-up sheet or catering, etc.. And celebrate, literally and metaphorically.
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By incorporating these five actions into your personal and professional life, you’ll be more effective and productive. This means you’ll get more done and still have time for other things. So the next time you feel lacking or behind on school or work, start doing instead of waiting.

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