All-In-One-Place Recipes

I admit that when it comes to writing down recipes I’m that person who scribbles it down on the nearest piece of paper. I have sticky notes on the refrigerator and half-written recipe cards shoved into what’s supposed to be a recipe binder. And the next time I want to use the recipe again, I’m scurrying through the kitchen in search of it. 

Why do I do this to myself?

I decided I was done searching for recipes in this fashion, so I made my own recipe book using Canva. (Two recipe books, to be exact, as I’m indecisive about layout.) I wanted recipe cards already in a book; all in one place. And to my luck Amazon could print them for me. And if I ever wanted to print my own, I easily could as well.

So goodbye sticky notes and recycled paper, hello recipe book of my own^-^

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