Chinese Green Onion Pancakes


Green Onion Pancakes, or congyoubing in Chinese (蔥油餅), are a traditional snack that can still be found on the streets of China today. Made from flour, green onions (scallions) and water, these layered, crispy, thin pancakes are quick and easy to make–though greasy–and make a great breakfast or snack food.

As someone who enjoys cooking and baking, I am also fond of trying new foods. These pancakes have been on my to-make list for many years now, and it’s only recently that I finally made some. The recipe can be found here, from YouTuber Cooking with May Lynn.

Should you find yourself curious for some Chinese Green Onion Pancakes, please give these a try and let me know what you think^-^

P.S. They can be enjoyed with any dipping sauce of your choice. My husband made one, cabinet-cookery-style, so I’ll have to get him to write it all down next time.


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