Devilled Cornish Hen


Do you have a non-mustard lover in your life? I do. My husband has never been fond of that sour, tangy, slightly spicy yellow mush one squeezes out of a yellow bottle. I admit my fondness of mustard only goes as far as adding a bit of it to homemade tuna salad.

However, I discovered a mustard devilled sauce years ago, while watching Two Fat Ladies. Out of curiosity, I decided to replicate the recipe for dinner, and it has been a hit both times I’ve made it. My husband loves it, although I remind him–teasily–that there’s mustard in the recipe (ground, dry mustard, that is).

The sauce is very flavorful, and goes wonderfully with cornish hens (which my husband prefers over the bigger hen species). Yes, the name “Devilled” entails that the sauce is hot and spicy, but my husband and I have never noticed. The hotness is not similar to devouring buffalo wings, finishing a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos, nor dipping grilled meat into a Thai chili pepper sauce.

If you want to try a different meal, or make something special for your partner, I highly recommend making this for dinner. Enjoy^-^

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